What are W series Fittings

What are W series fittings?

W Series or bite to the wire fittings are made to bite to the wire inside of spiral hydraulic hoses. W series fittings have sharp metal teeth that "bite" into the wire reinforcement of the hydraulic hose. This design provides a strong and secure connection between the fitting and the hose, ensuring reliable performance under high-pressure conditions. W series fittings are commonly used with our Hydraulax Tough cover hoses, SAE 100R1, R2, R16, R17, and EN 856 4SH hydraulic hose. W Series fittings are suitable for heavy-duty and high-pressure hydraulic applications, particularly where the hose assembly experiences extreme pressure and mechanical stress.

Our W Series bite to the wire fittings come in various configurations, including straight fittings, 45-degree elbow fittings, 90-degree elbow fittings, and others, providing flexibility for different installation requirements.

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