How to Install Barbed Hose fittings?

How to Install Barbed Hose fittings?

Important: Remember that when installing Hose Barb you will need a hose clamp or ferrule to firmly fasten the Hose Barb Fitting. Wormgear clamps are best for hose barbs because they are made for low pressure applications.

The only time you won’t need hose clamps or ferrules is when you are using Push lock Hose Barb which does not need clamps or ferrules to fasten when you are using Push Lock Hose.

Hose barbs should only be used in low pressure applications.

The first step to install a hose barb is to make sure that the Hose is square and free of debris. Then you will want to slide the hose clamp over the hose, but do NOT tighten it yet.

Next if you have it is recommended that you use lubricant on the inside of the hose where you will be inserting the fitting, as this will make inserting the fitting much easier.

Push the hose onto the fitting until it reaches the end of the fitting or the stop ring. Finally align the clamp over the hose barb and tighten.

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