Can you Disconnect a Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Under Pressure?

Can you Disconnect a Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Under Pressure?

Yes, most quick disconnects have a built in “No drip” valve design to minimize fluid loss for a cleaner and safer work environment. This makes it easy to Disconnect your Pressurized hoses at will.

On the other hand, there are specific quick disconnects that can be connected under pressure. These are usually called connect under pressure hydraulic quick disconnects. We sell them under our ISO 16028 Flushface SkidSteer Couplers HT Series as either a Set (805-800-HTSET), a Female Coupler (806801000), or Male Nipple (805201005).

Our quick disconnects that you can disconnect under pressure include:

o   Aeroquip/Eaton FD89 Series

o   Faster 2FFI Series

o   Holmbury Series A

o   Parker FEM Series, Parker FF Series (3/8” Only)

o   Stucchi Series A

o   Snap-Tite 74

o   Tomco FE/FF Series

o   Parker 4000 Series

o   Safeway S20 Series

o   Faster NS Series

o   Tomco PC Series

o   Enerpac C-604 (3/8” Only)

o   Parker 3000 Series

o   Stucchi IVHP Series

o   Holmbury HPA Series

o   Parker 6600 Series

o   Snap-Tite 61 Series

o   Aeroquip 5600 Series

o   Parker 60 Series

o   Snap-Tite 72 Series

o   Aeroquip FD45 Series

o   Parker Moldmate

o   Hansen Flo-Temp

o   Foster Series FJT

We also have other Quick Couplers where you cannot Disconnect under pressure because they do not have built in “No drip” valve design. Or where only one side has it so you cannot disconnect under pressure.

Our quick couplers that you can’t disconnect under pressure include:

o   Parker 6100 Series

o   Snap-Tite 78 Series

o   Faster FB Series

o   Dixon W Series

o   Aeroquip 5100 Series

o   Parker ST Series

o   Foster FST Series

o   Hansen ST Series

Industrial Interchange Pneumatic Quick Disconnects (DC Series)

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