How to Remove a Hose from a Barbed Fitting?

How to Remove a Hose from a Barbed Fitting?

Tubing over barbed fittings or hose barbs can be found mainly in low-pressure automotive and plumbing applications. The fitting, usually made of brass, has barbs that the tubing slides over. A clamp tightens over the tubing to fasten it to the barbed fitting. The clamp keeps the tubing from blowing off when the fitting is under pressure. The tubing can be removed from the hose barb in two ways depending on if you want to try and save the hose or if you need to replace the hose anyway.

If you are replacing the hose or tubing the hose barb is attached to:

If you have no use for the tube or hose the barb is attached to you can simply start by removing the clamp from the hose or tube that is securing the hose barb in place. Then you can simply use a knife or tool to cut the hose off the fitting but be careful to not damage the hose barb when you do this.

If you need to keep the hose or tubing:

If you need to keep the hose or tubing applying heat to the tubing or hose can help loosen the fitting. Different ways to heat the hose or tubing can be soaking it in very hot water, heat gun starting at a lower temp and working your way up depending on the material of you hose or tubing.

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