Can you use 100 ft hose on a pressure washer?

Can you use 100 ft hose on a pressure washer?

Yes, at Discount Hydraulic Hose we sell premade pressure washer hose assemblies at 50 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft lengths depending on the hose. We also have custom pressure washer hose assemblies that allow a maximum hose assembly length of 250ft or 3000 inches, unless you are looking for custom non-marking pressure washer hose assemblies which have a maximum hose assembly length of 160ft. There is still some pressure loss the longer your pressure washer hose is but it is mostly insignificant.

When worrying about how much PSI hose will lose per 100 ft there are a few factors that can cause a loss in pressure. These factors include:

Keep in mind this is for the average pressure washer hose that is between 3,000 and 5,000 PSI and has a hose size of 3/8 inches.

  1. Length of the hose
    • When it comes to length, if the hose is mostly flat on the ground you will only lose around 50 PSI per 100 ft of hose. This is insignificant considering the average PSI of a pressure washing system.
  2. Height of the hose above the system
    • If you keep your hose 50 feet above the system, you lose around 22 psi so if you have a 100 ft hose the overall PSI loss is around 75 PSI.

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