How to Measure Hose O.D. and I.D.?

How to Measure Hose O.D. and I.D.?

Three Key Words in Hydraulic Hose Sizing: I.D., Dash Size and Nomogram - Hydraulic Hose Sizing - Parker Hose Products Division - Inner and Outer Diameter

It is Important to keep in mind your Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies will be chosen Based on the ID (Inner Diameter) of the Hose. Sizing is important in hydraulic hose selection as sizing can effect things like pressure ratings and bend radius.

Inner diameter (I.D.) is the span of the empty area in a hose that impacts the flow pressure. A hose with an oversized I.D. will result in slower system performance, while an undersized I.D. can cause leaks, and system damage.

Outer diameter (O.D.) measures the whole span of the hose cross-section, such as the tube, reinforcement, and cover. The distinction between the O.D. and I.D. is the thickness of the hose wall. Outer diameter is important for sizing industrial hose to suitable fittings and system components.

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