How to Tighten Flareless Tube fittings?

How to Tighten Flareless Tube fittings?

Before you begin make sure your tubing is cut square and that you deburr the inside and outside edges of the tube.

Once your tubing is ready slide the nut over the tube with the open end facing out. Then slide the ferrule onto the tube with the large head facing towards the nut.

Make sure to lubricate all mating surfaces before you insert the tube.

Insert the tubing into the Flareless tube fitting until it is firmly against the tube stop. Hand tighten the nut onto the fitting and then use a wrench to tighten the nut until the tube cannot be rotated.

After, disassemble the fitting and inspect the intersection between the bite ring and the tubing. There should be a bite into the tubing and the ferrule shouldn’t be able to move in a linear fashion but should be able to be rotated around the tube.

Finally reinstall the tube into the fitting and then tighten with a wrench until a firm resistance is felt and then turn one additional wrench flat.

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