I can't check out

I can't check out!

It's frustrating when things don't work right!  If your having trouble checking out on our site, please read the error message for an indication of what is wrong.

The most common error is that the billing address for your credit card and the address you've entered don't match. Please verify the address you enter in the BILLING section is what the bank/credit card company has on file.

Another common error is if your card is rejected.  We see a few types of rejections.  The most common is insufficent funds. The other types of rejections could be if you've done a lot of online purchases and the company has place a fraud warning on the card, or if your using a public computer that has a lot of other people buying things all the time. In these cases, we recommend calling the bank or credit card company BEFORE trying the transaction again. 

If you continue to submit the order, and it is rejected, you will see several soft holds on your statement. We cannot do anything about these, as we never actually captured any more, and the bank usually makes these funds available within 3 business days.


If your having an error that isn't listed above - please call our office at 800-535-1302 so we can quickly and easily get your order taken, and try and resolve the root error!

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