What is Sae100R2 Hose?

What is Sae100R2 Hose?

SAE100R2 Hose or SAE100R2AT hydraulic hose, is a high-pressure hydraulic hose designed for industrial and commercial applications. This hydraulic hose comprises of three essential parts: tube, reinforcement, and cover.

R2 Hose is crafted from oil-resistant synthetic rubber, ensuring smooth flow of hydraulic and water-based fluids. R2 hose has two layers of steel wire braiding, providing resistance to high pressure and establishing a sturdy structure. The cover is abrasion-resistant rubber, and it enhances the hose's ability to handle harsh working environments.

Our R2 hose meets or exceeds SAE standards for hose performance, and offers exceptional durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, oil, and weathering. Available in various sizes and lengths, it proves reliable in hydraulic applications. R2 hose is suitable for use with petroleum and water-based hydraulic fluids, and it is compatible with our hose fittings or hose ends.

Choose SAE100R2 Hose for dependable performance in demanding hydraulic applications. Whether used in mobile equipment such as farm tractors and dump trucks or in-plant hydraulic machinery, this steel wire-reinforced hydraulic hose ensures reliable service, with a longer life span owing to its high-quality synthetic rubber cover.

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